Let’s Be Realistic Here

When I started the Paleo Diet, I was constantly on the Internet researching new and exciting recipes to try. I was surprised at how many different things could be made grain, dairy, and sugar-free!

Cupcakes, chocolate, bread, cookies! Everything I loved could be made Paleo.


So guess what I did…

I made paleo cupcakes, paleo chocolate, paleo bread, and paleo cookies. I made it all! And I ate it all!

I can still lose weight while eating these foods right!?


Every time I stepped onto the scale, I noticed that I was actually gaining weight.

“But I’m following the paleo diet!” That’s what I would tell myself every time, trying to justify eating more paleo sweets.

But I was oblivious to the amount of calories and sugar these treats still had. Just because you use dates instead of refined sugar to sweeten a dessert DOES NOT make it less fattening!

It took me a while to realize this. But I eventually got back on track. I eventually realized that simplicity is the best and most effective way of reaching weight loss goals.

So instead of trying to find cool recipes, stick to what you KNOW WORKS.

Nothing beats vegetables and chicken when it comes to weight loss.

Save those paleo treats for special occasions or cheat meals!

Here’s to health!




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